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Academics in STGGS

Academic education is one of the great challenges of the 21st Century. We live in a society that is changing with exponential rapidity. It is governed by shifting and blindingly quick technologies, environmental challenges and alarming conflict patterns. It is into this world that all school-leaving adults are launched. The pupils at STGGSU are no exception.


Cognisant of the demands that will be made on the adults of tomorrow, STGGSU prepares her girls with the best possible education in this regard. Academic education is perhaps the most important component of this preparation and extends far beyond the achievement of exam results.

Academic Information

Academics Information

Current class sizes are a maximum of 25 learners per class. The philosophy behind this is to ensure that students receive as much academic support as possible.


In certain subjects (ie, Mathematics and Languages) some classes are split even further to ensure that individual attention is provided to students who may experience difficulties in these specific subject areas.

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