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  • Does STGGSU offer the same curriculum as other Schools?
    Yes, STGGSU delivers the state approved and certified curriculum, just like State Government Schools and other private schools. The state based qualifications are recognized for university entry throughout Nigeria and around the world.
  • Is STGGSU approved by the government?
    Yes, STGGSU is independently accredited by the appropriate government bodies overseeing standards in educational delivery. All are inspected regularly for quality assurance.
  • Does STGGSU have student's accommodation?
    Yes. The school has good boarding facilities for students. There are two modern hostel blocks with more than twenty-five dormitories.
  • Is there accommodation for members of staff?
    Yes. There is a staff quarters in the school compound where some members of staff reside.
  • What is the best way to contact my son's teacher/mentor?
    The best way is to be around during open days. Open days are days were parents have one-on-one talk with the teachers/mentors of their children/wards.
  • Are students allowed to use their mobile phones in STGGSU?
    No. Students are not allowed to use their personal mobile phones in the school. However, students have access to the school's mobile phone which they can use for calls or to send SMS.
  • How can I contact the office to ask a question?
    You can contact the office through the following numbers: 08138690051 or 08171049273.
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