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Our Philosophy on Education

0ur mission at St. Theresa's Grammar school is to advance the course of a girl child academic pursuit, provide all necessary machinery to support her speedy and steady acquisition of knowledge; and foster her spiritual and moral life. Our all-round formation approach to education of each student has far-reaching and panoramic effect in their moral, spiritual and intellectual faculties.


The philosophy of St. Theresa's Grammar school is deeply enshrined in the progressive and refined teaching of her patron St. Theresa of the child Jesus Who believes that there is nobody without a talent and there is no insignificant talent. Thus, the school aims at providing a quality catholic education with all-embracing and holistic in nature, formation which recognizes the girl child as a special blessing from God who needed to be properly guided and nurtured in fear of God to achieve her ambitions


It is our drive to bring out to limelight every God-given potential in individual student by giving a beacon of hope, care and support as well as the love we can offer We see everything useful in every child, we don't disregard the infinitesimal but believe that even the little itty-bitty can receive our love, attention and professional touch to become someone prodigious with monumental performances and achievements in no distance future. As a matter of fact, our formation technique is cyclopedic, we give absolute attention to building each student in all ramifications so that they can annex their potentials positively and make outstanding progress as assured individuals and responsible citizens of Nigeria anywhere they find themselves.

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